Industrial Projects

Implementing all the Infrastructure planning for your factory including Fire Fighting Systems,  Plumbing Systems, Boilers & Pumping Stations, Medical Gases Systems For Health Care Facilities and Mechanical Transportation Systems.

Retubing boilers

We have perfected our industrial boiler retubing services over the course of hundreds of boiler retubing projects, focusing on safety, quality of workmanship, and reduced outage durations. Our experienced staff of engineers specializes in a wide variety of commercial and industrial retubing services, including: TUBE REMOVAL, TUBE INSTALLATION, TUBE SHEET REPAIR.

Pipe Works

We do all kinds of pipe works including:
Heating pipes
Cooling and more


We service all makes of coolers, freezers, and HVAC systems. We do also maintenance of already existing refrigeration systems. ASG specializes in running refrigeration pipe, setting and installing refrigerated display cases, and installing various refrigeration equipment such as condensers and complete refrigeration systems.